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Digital signage is a broad term encompassing a variety of different applications and technologies. In a general sense, digital signage refers to electronically controlled signs that can be updated without the cost and expense of changing the physical sign itself. Thus, changes can be made quickly and cost effectively, and targeted messages can be distributed to hundreds or thousands of displays at once.

Digital signage on plasma monitor

Depending on the application, these dynamic displays can present a custom-tailored mix of informational and advertising content, including product specials, news, and upcoming events. Digital signage networks need to make their content stand out in crowded public venues, so they were among the first to adopt large-screen LCDs, plasma monitors, front/rear projectors, organic LEDs, and holographic and 3D imaging technologies. Plasma and LCD screens are still the most popular options, but that may change as the prices of new display technologies continue to fall. For very simple applications, a digital sign might simply be a scrolling message board, though even those devices are capable of displaying basic graphics and animation.

Aside from traditional wall, ceiling, or endcap mounting, the creative use of display technologies has led to innovations like polarized projection film, which allows high-contrast images to be projected directly onto store windows or displays that appear to float in mid-air.
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